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About Us
Philippine Martial Arts Supplies started 5 years ago in 1999. With the growing demand and popularity for Filipino martial arts namely Arnis / Kali / Escrima all over the world, we started supplying to a group of instructors and middlemen who go abroad and sell martial arts products to their students and to martial arts stores.

Being martial artists ourselves, we thought whom better to supply martial arts equipment to other martial artists than us who use the same equipment ourselves and can attest to their quality.

Our goal is to produce and distribute quality martial arts equipment for training and self-defense. All our products have been tested and used by us to ensure customers that our items are functional both in the dojo as well as in the streets. In the Philippines especially in Metro Manila, 90% of violent crimes committed would entail the use of knives, sticks or steel pipes.

One of our prized raw materials is the Kamagong or “Iron Wood” or Philippine Ebony. We make no misconceptions about the “Iron Wood”, it’s densely compact constitution makes it a very hard wood that could shatter or be broken when hit with a denser material like cement or concrete but why would the old master’s use these items in their legendary “deathmatches”? It is because the “Iron Wood” can take a lot of punishment before being broken and it also destroys almost any other wood it comes in contact with.

With this incredible wood we also fashion high quality Bokkens used in Kendo, Aikido,Iaido, and other Japanese or Korean sword arts.

Our bokkens ranks at the top of the list of wooden bokkens that is offered in the international market. With its extreme durability and natural beauty, this item is highly prized by martial artists around the world.

The Early Filipinos were said to be excellent carvers, and most of their sculptures was in wood since the Philippines has an abundant forest coverage in that era. The carvings consisted mainly of small anitos, food bowls for the household and decorative spears for cultural practices and traditions. In some cases, fine carvings like the sarimanok were to be found.

Today our modern master craftsmen seek perfection in their art by HANDCARVING each and every wooden weapon that is commissioned to Philippine Martial Arts Supplies.

To make their task more challenging, Philippine Martial Arts Supplies asked our master craftsmen to employ their skill and expertise in making excellent wooden weapons for display and rigorous practice using the extremely hard and dense wood called Kamagong or otherwise called “Iron Wood”. Also known as Philippine Macassar Ebony.

Philippine Martial Arts Supplies would like our customers to have an effective, reliable and the best piece of equipment in their hands.

Please read our Manufacturing Process page to understand how we try to give our customers the best material available on the market today.

Train hard, train diligently and train intelligently.

30 to 50 % Discount on Shipping Charges!

Our Martial Arts Lineage

I have been studying Arnis / Kali / Escrima since 1994. After studying Modern Arnis under different teachers I am now studying under Sir Mark Santos. He is a true blue Filipino martial arts practitioner who has studied Arnis / Kali / Escrima the “Old School” way. Yes that means studying full contact without protections or armor that we use today.

He has studied directly under Grandmaster Ernesto Presas, brother of Grandmaster Remy Presas who is the father of Modern Arnis. Sir Mark Santos also had the rare and great privilege of studying Kali Illustrisimo under the legendary Tatang Illustrisimo himself for one and a half years.

Sir Mark Santos started studying martial arts when he was 6 years old. He first started studying judo and later on when he was 11 years old he started studying under Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. Under Grandmaster Presas, Sir Mark Santos studied Modern Arnis and knife fighting, Kendo, Karate, Judo, Ju-jutsu and several martial arts weaponry including Bokken, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchucks and Jo.

He currently holds a black belt 4’th Dan in Modern Arnis under Grandmaster Presas, 5th Dan in Zikdokan Karate under Shihan Louelle and Tino Ceberano who were direct students of Master Gogen Yamaguchi more popularly known as “The Cat” and 3rd Dan in Japanese/European Jujutsu. He also practiced Kendo for 4 years in Grandmaster Ernesto Presas gym.

He is now in Law Enforcement here in the Philippines. He still teaches martial arts and gives seminars on self-defense and weapon training.