Manufacturing process

Every single piece of handcrafted product made by Philippine Martial Arts Supplies is individually inspected and processed by our master craftsmen. Raw materials are purchased from government sanctioned woodcutters and inspected to adhere to our strict quality standards.

Only export quality raw materials are used and processed. We handpick the most durable and the most elegant of raw materials available at that given time. After this selection, the raw materials are hand cut to their initial diameter and length and made to sit under the hot tropical sun for at least 3 weeks to begin the natural drying process.

Once the initial drying process ends, all of the pre-cut materials are once again inspected ONE BY ONE to insure that there are no large cracks or warping of the wood. All materials that pass will go to the finishing stage.
For the finishing stages, the pre-cut materials will then be handcrafted individually to resemble their designated final look. Once this is finished, every single item is sand down, grinded and polished to its excellent gleaming natural finish.

This does not end here, the items would again be made to sit in our storeroom for about a week to check if any defects would come out after finishing the product.

Only after this exhaustive process would then be our products be allowed to be sold to our customers worldwide.

We have two small provincial factories in the provinces and a shipping point in Manila, Philippines. Interested parties may go to our website and email us directly if they have questions about our products and I will happily reply to the best of our knowledge.