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Please take note that kamagong ironwood is really dense, it will sink in water.
Too dense that it may shatter when used on impact training.

Japanese Weaponry

Japan’s history dates back thousands of years. Scientists and Sociologists believe that the people of Japan came from many groups that migrated to the islands from parts of China and Korea. In line with all emerging nations war played a pivotal part in Japan’s history. Warring clans often clashed in the countryside, disputes were usually about land because only about 20% of the land at that time was fit to farm. Eventually, the ceaseless struggles gave birth to another social class which was the Samurai.

Samurai literally means " the one who serves ". Following their strict code of Bushido ( Way of the Warrior ) the Samurai armed with their daisho or two swords (Katana or long sword and Shoto or short sword ) plus an assortment of other weapons and body armor the Samurai would use his martial skills in defence of his sworn master or leader, protecting him with his life and even ending his own life (Seppuku, ritual suicide) if the need arises. The Japanese sword or Katana is the symbol of the Samurai or Bushi. In truth, the Japanese katana is probably the most revered and treasured sword ever made. No where in the world has a sword been more respected and honored than the Katana.

In this light, Philippine Martial Arts Supplies is very proud to introduce to you our premium grade handcrafted “Iron Wood” Bokkens and other Japanese wooden weaponry. Made from pre- selected rare Philippine Ebony; also known as “Iron Wood” and “Kamagong”; our bokkens will stand up to rigorous kata’s, sword training and martial arts demonstrations. An added plus is that every bokken is unique by way of it’s wood grain pattern and grooves which makes it very ideal for display and kata competitions.