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Please take note that kamagong ironwood is really dense, it will sink in water.
Too dense that it may shatter when used on impact training.

Kamagong Iron Wood
There are many types of wood here in the Philippines and among the most expensive and hardest to find and produce is Kamagong or “Iron Wood’. Wood cutters often shy away from a fully matured kamagong tree because they say that with a brand new chainsaw, you can only cut 2 fully grown trees at the most before the tree ruins your chainsaw hence the term “Iron Wood”.

Also known as Philippine Macassar Ebony. The kamagong or mabolo (Diospyros philippinensis) is prized for its excellent dark wood. Philippine Ebony is an exotic wood known for its beauty and durability. This wooden materials color ranges from a deep black color to dark brown and dark green with occasional wood patterns with light green color coupled with dark brown and black streaks running all across the wood. Since it is from nature and nature abhors uniformity, these wood patterns are virtually unpredictable in their appearance which adds to the aesthetic value of the wood and ensures each and every weapon’s uniqueness in terms of wood grain pattern.

Some properties of the Philippine Macassar Ebony include top ratings in the areas of density, hardness and impact strength. This material has a high density which enables it to sink when placed on water where normal wood would float. Its natural hardness blunts most steel cutting tools for wood working and its impact strength is so high that when tested against other hardwoods, the most other material would stand virtually no chance against it.
Macassar ebony is rare and is one of the most expensive timbers on the commercial market.

Important Note/ Disclaimer:
Kamagong Ironwood is one of the hardest hardwoods in nature but they are by no means indestructible. Continuous hard impact training may result in damage to our product.

All our raw materials are sourced here in the mountains of the Philippines, as most of you well know the Philippines is a TROPICAL country. Customers ordering from abroad may experience wood movement in their weapons especially from those areas where extreme cold or extreme heat and dryness occur. Sometimes minute cracks would appear on the material due to atmospheric and geographic change, we however have no control over this and the customer should evaluate if they should continue with their order.

Please read the Philippine Macassar Ebony Environmental Profile.

Please read our Manufacturing Process page to understand how we try to give our customers the best material available on the market today.