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Body Armor · Hand Guard · Padded Sticks

Body ArmorBody Armor
This arnis / kali / escrima body armor is commonly used here in the Philippines for sparring, tournaments and everyday training. Its construction is primarily made out of rubber and foam panels with back straps. Very ideal for practicing specific body strikes. This item is available in Red, Blue and Black colors.

Price: US$ 90.00 each

Body Armor w/Helmet






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Hand Guard
Hand GuardsThis arnis / kali / escrima hand guard is very ideal for isolated strikes targeting the hand. Its thick foam and rubber composition protects the hand from injuries and makes realistic training for hand strikes possible. Not normally used in Sparring.

Price: US$ 18.00 each



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Padded Sticks
Padded SticksThis arnis / kali / escrima padded sticks are very ideal for full contact sparring sessions minus the serious injuries that may be inflicted if real sticks are used. It is made out of durable cloth and foam with a real rattan stick at the core. It is 28.5 inches (72.5cm) in length approximately and 1.25 inches (3.20cm) in width approximately.

Price: US$ 8.00 each



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