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Please take note that kamagong ironwood is really dense, it will sink in water.
Too dense that it may shatter when used on impact training.

Arnis / Kali / Escrima

The indigenous Philippine Martial Art known as Arnis / Kali / Escrima is reputedly one of the deadliest martial art known to man in terms of armed and unarmed combat.  It entails the mastery of weaponry using bladed items such as swords, spears and knives, wooden sticks, wooden staffs and truncheons.  Local tribesmen have been using this art for hundreds of years and perfected them in their tribal warfare.

Under the Spanish occupation the practice of kali as it was known then was prohibited so the art was practiced secretly and sometimes hidden in the local cultural dances and folk plays. However, over time, Spanish fencing methods were incorporated into the indigenous fighting framework. Under the Spanish rule, the native art became known as escrima, estocada, arnis de mano or arnis.

Today, the Filipino martial arts assume different names in different regions. In the Manila area, the art is known as Arnis or Pananandata, Kalirongan in Pangasinan, Kabaro-an in the Ilocos region of Luzon, and Eskrima in the Visayas.

Philippine Martial Arts Supplies is proud to present our fine line of Filipino Martial Arts Weapons and Training Gear for all students, instructors and masters of Arnis / Kali / Escrima around the world.  All items are authentic Philippine products made by master Filipino craftsmen and practitioners of the Filipino Martial Art so that you can be assured of expert quality on each and every item.

Philippine Martial Arts Supplies mission is to give you the best equipment for your training and personal use straight from the shores of the Philippines where this deadly art was born.

Improper use of these items can cause serious injuries on a person.  Philippine Martial Arts Supplies will not bear any responsibilities for the misuse of our products.