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Personalized Weapon Engravings
Philippine Martial Arts Supplies gives you the option of having your choice of weapons customized by engraving your logo, dojo symbol or personal designs on our weapons. With a minimal fee, we can engrave or carve your desired design on virtually any part of our products. The cost of having your weapon custom designed will range anywhere from $15 to $50 on each item depending on the intricacy, complexity and size of the design.
Here’s how you can have your own design engraved on your weapon.

  1. Please send us a picture or image of your logo, symbol or design thru our email logarta@pmasupplies.com.ph. Black and white pictures are preferable in order for us to clearly see the lines to be carved, if this is not possible you can also send us color pictures and we will do our best to translate them to line art engravings.
  2. Please specify the weapon type that you want engraved. Also, please indicate where on the weapon you want the engraving to be placed and the approximate size of the engraving.
  3. A price quotation will be sent to you email as soon as we verify that we can make your chosen design.